Exciting End to the Week!

The New Partners for Better Health project, funded by USAID, aims to increase the availability and utilization of high-quality family planning and maternal, newborn, and child health services globally. In Ethiopia, NPI EXPAND collaborates with local organizations through grants to implement the community scorecard in primary health care. These local partners also receive tailored capacity strengthening support, targeting socio-economically disadvantaged women, girls, children, and newborns in five regions: Amhara, Sidama, Central, South, and Southwest Ethiopia People’s Region.

One of the key implementing partners in the Amhara Region, specifically in Wag Hemra and North Wello zones, is Mahibere Hiwot for Social Development (MSD). Over the past two years, MSD has made significant contributions to the project.

This week, the project close-out ceremony was held at the Sheraton Addis Hotel in Addis Ababa. The event saw participation from various stakeholders, including the Deputy Mission Director of USAID, Eleanor Tanpiengco, other USAID team members, the NPI team, the LIP team, and other stakeholders. The ceremony featured multiple activities such as project achievement presentations, a gallery walk, and LIP panel discussions.

A heartfelt thank you to USAID and NPI EXPAND for their meaningful support in making this project a success!

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