Launching Event: USAID Highland Resilience Activities (HRA) in Amhara Regional State by MSD in collaboration with Marcy Corps International

Project Overview:

  • Project Period: Part of a five-year initiative (2023-2028) with a budget of 779 million Ethiopian birr, funded by USAID.
  • Project Goal: To support 33,000 PSNP households in reaching sustainable graduation thresholds through various interventions:
  • Strengthening on-farm and off-farm enterprises
  • Creating wage employment opportunities
  • Improving diets
  • Enhancing resilient market systems and commercialization
  • Facilitating private investment and finance.

🎯 Intervention Zones and Woredas:

  • North Wello Zone: Bugna, Gubalafto, Habru, Raya Kobo, Lasta
  • South Gondar Zone: Estie, Sede Muja, and Guna Begemider

🤝 Project Leadership:

  • Led by: Mercy Corps Ethiopia
  • Implementing Partner: Mahibere Hiwot for Social Development
  • Technical Partners: Village Enterprise and First Consult

👥 Launching Event Highlights:

  • Diverse stakeholders from regional, zonal, and woreda level offices, as well as other CSOs and private institutions, participated in the event.
  • Welcoming speech by Ato Tilahun Asmare, Deputy Chief of Party for HRA, and opening speech by Ato Silashi Mulunehe, Head of Amhara Regional Agriculture Bureau.
  • Highlight presentation of the HRA Amhara Region coordination by Hana Hile.
  • Closing remarks by Ato Atalaye, Deputy Head of the Regional Finance Bureau, after discussions on project activities.

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