Hawjano School Rehabilitation project to Enhance Social Cohesion in Alamata Administration

Congratulations on the grand launch of the Haw-Jano Secondary School rehabilitation project! This initiative, supported by partners such as USAID OTI Ethiopia program and Dexis Consulting, promises to significantly impact social cohesion in Alamata Town Administration.

Refurbishing the ICT lab, renovating damaged infrastructure, and restoring classroom furniture will greatly enhance the learning experience for students and help build a stronger community. Kudos to MSD’s dedicated team members, including Tilaye Gizachew, the founder and Executive director, and Azene, for leading this effort and engaging enthusiastically with over 25 stakeholders in the workshop.

The strong commitment demonstrated by participants reflects the shared vision of creating a brighter future through education and collaboration. Your mission statement – “building more than just schools; we’re constructing a future of unity and progress” – perfectly encapsulates the essence of this remarkable project.

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