Mahiberehiwot for Social Development (MSD) Hosts FY24 Semi-Annual Joint Program Performance Review Meeting

Mahiberehiwot for Social Development (MSD) is currently hosting its FY24 Semi-Annual Joint Program Performance Review Meeting at the Roseau Hotel in Gondar. The gathering focuses on the USAID-funded HBA, HPTTS/KPP, and CVC activities, with several objectives in mind:

  • Recognizing the exceptional efforts of project implementers
  • Evaluating the project’s performance over the last 8 months
  • Collaborating to set strategic plans and bolster support for future implementation
  • Identifying challenges and devising effective solutions
  • Strengthening coordination among staff for better service integration

The meeting officially commenced with a warm welcome remark by Mr. Tilaye Gizachew, Founder and Executive Director of MSD. He expressed his gratitude to the staff for their hard work and dedication, despite the challenges posed by peace and security issues in the areas of project implementation. He emphasized that the meeting will provide an opportunity for staff to share best practices, learn from each other, and review project performance. Additionally, it will facilitate the development of mitigation strategies to address challenges faced.

Mr. Tilaye Gizachew also presented a clear, concise, and informative overview of MSD’s recent developments. The review meeting will continue through tomorrow, featuring presentations, plenary discussions, and joint planning sessions.

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