DuthReliefAlliance (DRA) project Launching

The DuthReliefAlliance (DRA) project, aiming to provide much-needed assistance to communities dealing with conflicts and drought in Ethiopia. Bringing together MSD, PIE, and PAD along with key zone and woreda stakeholders showcases the immense power of combined resources, expertise, and networks.

Opening remarks delivered by the PIE Area Manager and the Wag Himra Administrative Zone Administrator created momentum, while informative PowerPoint presentations allowed implementers to share valuable details on various aspects of the projects. Engaging discussions revolving around stakeholder involvement, project execution strategies, and community well-being reflect the depth of understanding and investment in achieving long-term positive impacts.

Raising important considerations related to budget transparency, timely information dissemination, and continuous oversight ensures that best practices guide the DRA project’s rollout. Positive feedback from participants indicates widespread acceptance and enthusiasm for the trio’s joint efforts in supporting the Ziquala Woreda and surrounding communities.

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