Semi-Annual Performance Review Meeting has been conducted.

Mahibere Hiwot for Social Development (MSD) recently held its semi-annual Performance Review meeting for the USAID Family-Focused HIV Prevention, Care and Treatment Services in Addis Ababa. The meeting took place on April 22, 2024 at the Washington Hotel in Addis Ababa, with representatives from Mekdim Ethiopia National Association (MENA) and key stakeholders from Addis Ababa Bureau of Finance and Economic Development (AABOFED), Addis Ababa Women, Children and Social Affairs (AAWCSA), as well as government representatives from Yek and Akaki Kality Sub cities who are closely involved in the project.

The meeting began with an official welcome address from Ato Abebe Bezabih, Program Director, and W/ro Kidist Hailemariam, M&E Knowledge Management Director. Following this, participants introduced themselves and engaged in networking.

The main objective of the meeting was to review the semi-annual performance of the MSD FFCHCT Project for FY24. Biniyam Worku, the M&E Specialist , presented an overview of the project progress and status. The presentation included background information about MSD, project overview, HTS MER and custom indicators performance, OVC MER and custom indicators performance, financial accomplishments, QI project, achievements beyond numbers, challenges and mitigations, as well as acknowledgments for key project stakeholders.

In his presentation, Biniyam highlighted USAID as the donor and Mekdim Ethiopia National Association (MENA) as the prime implementing organization. The project is being carried out in all Woredas and health facilities of Akaki Kality and Yeka Sub cities in Addis Ababa city Administration.

After the presentation, participants engaged in a plenary session where they raised questions, provided suggestions, and offered feedback. Biniyam and Abebe responded to queries from MENA, AABOFED, and participants from the two sub cities.

The joint performance review meeting provided an opportunity to assess the project status and foster closer collaboration among partners to share best practices and address challenges for successful project implementation. It underscored the importance of strengthening partnership relationships with all key stakeholders to overcome obstacles at all levels.

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