MSD Changed My Life!

MSD’s Management team has traveled to Humera to visit and review the work progress of the Humera Care for Vulnerable Children Project which is being implemented through the financial support of USAID and support from FHI 360. The CVC Project is benefiting the community from different perspectives.

One of the beneficiaries , Rahwa testifies the CVC program changed her life. Rahwa explains how the project benefits her with her beautiful smile ” MSD changed my life! MSD got me out of the horrific life style I used to lead , I used to make my living from prostitution , I have a child and was responsible of taking care of him so I had no choice but to pursue my life from the money I make by prostitution. After MSD supported me financially to start a small business , everything changed . Now I have shop , small meal house and saving in my account. After the training I had I am advising women in our community”

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