Why gender matters for biodiversity conservation – Mahiberehiwot

Addressing gender inequality in biodiversity conservation is fundamental to
meeting the goals and targets of the Convention on Biological Diversity’s post2020 Global Biodiversity Framework, and building synergies with the
Sustainable Development Goals. There are positive outcomes for nature, equity
and sustainability, and for overall community wellbeing when women access and
control biodiversity and natural resources, can benefit equally from nature, and
participate meaningfully in biodiversity-related decision making. This briefing
provides evidence of the value of integrating gender into conservation
interventions, suggesting that Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity
should therefore prioritise the gender-responsive implementation of the post2020 Global Biodiversity Framework, using the Gender Plan of Action as a
guiding mechanism. It identifies key avenues for effective action on the ground,
based on evidence from successful interventions.

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